Problem Map of Cancer Patients

When analysing our topic further we realised that our topic is still too vast. The detailed guide by Barbara Leu, a psycho oncologist, lists several thoughs, questions, concerns, fears and symptoms cancer patients and their relatives have. It is underlined with real examples and makes the situation clearly understandable.

Our Limits

We can not create a tool, that makes affected happy again or develop a pill that takes their fears magically away. Neither can we create specific solutions that solve symptoms like cancer related fatigue or hair loss. The negative emotions are also considered healthy. They belong to our life. Nevertheless it is important to look beyond them. For that the author always referes back to listening and talking. It seems that providing a helping hand is one of the most supporting things one can do in a situation like this. People confrontend with cancer have to develop a healthy handling with the disease.

What Helps

How is health "created"?

A way to visualise this is the scheme of Aaron Antonovskys "Salutogenesis". The medical sociologist defined three key points to stay "healthy" after a

Our Tool

For a next step we will focus on the research about what helps people in difficult situations. Maybe our future tool could be a kind of mirror, that reflects the situation and life of the user.