Project Information

Current phase: research
For the initial phase of our Bachelor Thesis, we briefly introduced our topic and adressed the problematic by suggesting a solution with a lo-fi prototype.

Context, Topic, Problem

When you have cancer, many problems and challenges emerge. When having several doctors appointments over several months, a lot of information is gathered and has to be processed. You have to deal with lots of thoughts and questions, as well as to restructure your daily life. This happens often in a short time and as probably most of us know, it is not easy to keep an overview and structure with such an overload. Especially not, when a lot of changing emotions and multiple stakeholders are involved. It is easy to lose focus because of another problem over and over again when dealing with them. At the end you are stuck in a loop and nothing really improves, which results in an even more depressing situation.

What do we want to create and
how should it work?

We want to create a service that helps cancer patients and the affected ones to understand and structure their problems. This starts by first listening to yourself, what moves one and what situations create which feelings. Where are my emotions coming from? Secondly, we want to help bring this in a communicable format. What tools can help one to express those complex problems and how you feel? Might it be drawings, playing figures or other alternative forms of communication? Can we create a toolkit of artifacts to improve the expression of their problem?